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Shore Officer Duties

The Shore Officer is a member of the General Committee, or a member nominated by the General Committee, and is responsible for the co-ordination of on-shore non-sailing activities. A close working liaison with the Race Officer and the House Duty Member is required.


The duties are broadly as follows: -

  • at the beginning of the sailing day, monitor that House Duty Officer has opened the Club as required and is in action.
  • ensure that the Club is presented neat, tidy, and clean at opening.
  • arrange announcements of the days activities/ welcome visiting sailors.
  • the induction of new members and welcoming potential new members – Alona will notify the Shore Officer if there are potential members to be welcomed and shown around the Club on Saturday mornings.
  • direction of yard traffic and car/trailer parking when congested.
  • liaise with the Canteen Manager to ensure the canteen is staffed and that canteen is locked at the end of the day.
  • liaise with the Bar Manager to ensure the bar is staffed and end of day the bar closing.
  • the security of the club at the end of the day's activities.
  • the maintenance of good order in accordance with Club Rules and By-laws.
  • supervision of House Duty member.
  • any other matter requiring administration by the General Committee.
  • Risk management procedures: note any incidents in the incident book.
  • ensure all Club sail boats have been returned securely and signed back in. 


Paul Jenkins


January 2017


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