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The trophy was presented to the Club by the Huggett family in 2006 as a memorial to Nigel. He was a quiet achiever who assisted with sail training whenever and wherever the need arose. Nigel’s dedication to, and patience with, the less talented was an example for all coaches to follow.

This trophy is awarded to a Club member who supports and encourages junior training and competition. The recipient has devoted significant time to working with and encouraging sailing in an unassuming manner.

The award is to be presented annually and selected by a Committee consisting of the Flag Officers and the Training Centre Principal


  • 2005-06 Mary Weston & Horst Kopp
  • 2006-07 Heather Forbes
  • 2007-08 Horst Kopp
  • 2008-09 Cameron Dunwoody
  • 2009-10 John d’Helin
  • 2010-11 Paul Jenkins
  • 2011-12 Jessica Vincent
  • 2012-13 Trevor Knight
  • 2013-14 Scott Watson
  • 2014-15 Steven Floyd
  • 2015-16 Jeff Owen
  • 2016-17 Steven Floyd
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