690 Point Nepean Road, McCrae
Phone: 03 5986 1361

About Us

McCrae Yacht Club is located at the south end of Port Phillip Bay on a beautiful sandy beach. The club has a committment to sailing & sail training. Family participation is encouraged as is excellence in sailing with success at state, national & international levels.

Our club was formed in Dec 1961. Contributing members include Cedric Candy, Peter Merritt, Peter Bird, Doug Guy, Noel Allen & other national race officers.

McCrae Yacht Club runs a learn to sail program, social activities, golf day, hosting state, national and international championships and various regattas throughout the year. McCrae has hosted international championships & 4 defence series of the Little America's Cup.

McCrae Giving Spirit

Sailing at McCrae is great fun because there are people here that actually want to teach you how to sail.  It's not that they are being paid to, or told to, but because they want to.  They just love sailing. I'd like to say thank you to some of those people for helping me to put together a Laser from pre-loved parts recently.  Each of these people donated different parts for the boat, sometimes on request and sometimes just because they just heard about my project.  Thank you to: David Lawrence, Joey Randall, John Mason, Simon Merritt and David Grace.
It's great to be part of McCrae Yacht Club when the members are such helpful people, thank you.

Tully Hiscock. January, 2010.

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