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McCYC is located at the south end of Port Phillip Bay on a beautiful sandy beach. McCYC has a committment to sailing & sail training. Family participation is encouraged as is excellence in sailing with success at state, national & international levels.
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Upcoming Events

Fri Nov 28 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Sailing for Schools: Presbyterian Ladies College
Sat Nov 29 @ 8:00AM -
RIB Induction
Sat Nov 29 @ 9:00AM -
Sailing School & Coaching Program
Sat Nov 29 @ 2:30PM -
Aggregate & South Channel Challenge
Sat Nov 29 @ 6:00PM -
End of Month Function & New Members Night
Fri Dec 05 @ 8:00PM -
Sailing Committee Meeting
Sat Dec 06 @ 9:00AM -
Sailing School & Coaching Program
Sat Dec 06 @ 1:00PM -
Lighthouse Trophy Presentation
Sat Dec 06 @ 2:30PM -
Boyle & Grigg Aggregate & December Trophy
Sun Dec 07 @ 5:00PM - 08:00PM
Sunday Bike Riders BBQ

B14 Worlds Entries

B14 Worlds Entries


Sail #

Boat Name



AUS New Bonething Guy Bancroft Lachlan Imeneo  
AUS 378   Nick Darlow  David Grace  
  AUS 779   Mark Lainson John Nolan  
  AUS New   Kelvin Boyle Amy Van Galen  
  AUS 379   Ron K Alexander Albert  
AUS 792 Rocketship Adrian Beswick  Jono LeBis  
  AUS 780   Richie Reynolds Lissa McMillan  
  AUS 375   Andre Webster Craig Davidson  
  AUS 371   Rick Plain Alice Walker  
  AUS 372   Robbie Hunt David McAully  
  AUS 373   Ian Cunningham Dave Cunningham  
  AUS 361   Cole Dabner Clare Cromarty  
  AUS 374   Allen Graham James Reynolds  
  AUS 367   Stephen Miller Lauren Bird  
  AUS 376   Nathan Reynolds Gavin Barwick  
  AUS 357   Anthony House Luis Miranda  
  AUS 355   Stephen Mitchell Adrianne Daly  
  AUS 368   Geoff Waldon Jim Gaal  
  AUS 350   Stan Bland Ralph Stanford  
  AUS 250   Tim Grant Megan Grant  
  AUS 369   Ross Daley Matt Keil  
  AUS 359   Chris Wells Rani Dabner  
  AUS 353   Chris Bick Joanne McDonell  
  AUS 280    Hayden Virtue  Keegan Donde  
  AUS 370    Freya Vickery  Steph Strong  
   AUS 156    Ewan Campbell  Tori Campbell  
  GBR 694    Moppo  the Freezer  
  GBR 735  Flourescent Adolescent  Tom  Kate  
  GBR 756    Carl  Guy Raynes  
  GBR 764    Tony Blackmore    
  GBR 761    Tom Pygall    
  GBR 770  Team Harken  Simon Hadley    
  GBR 785    Peter Knight    
  GBR 786  Torq  Leaky  Gerry  
  GBR 787  Troublegum  Alan Davis    
  GBR 788  Seavolution  Mark Barnes    
  GBR 791  Flying Donkey  Mark Watts    
  FRA 777     Sebastien Le Cam    

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